Occupy Tall Trees (Autographed Physical Copy)

Image of Occupy Tall Trees (Autographed Physical Copy)


Due 02.24.15

Each pre-ordered physical copy will be signed by Transit.

1. 34:18
2. Friends With The Devil
3. Red Light Therapist ft. Kirstyn Johnson
4. Tan Lines
5. Monster See Monster Do ft. Sims of Doomtree
6. Occupy Tall Trees
7. Bus Pass Transfer
8. Settled Smoke ft. Grieves
9. Underdog
10. Super Man Took Steroids ft. Astronautalis
11. We Don’t Say It Anymore ft. Jocelyn Alice
12. Baby Duck
13. Survival Cardio
14. Your Love Is A Placebo
15. Not For Clubs
16. Go Get Em’ Kid ft. Madchild
17. I’m So Indie ft. Geeze
18. Poor People Like To Dance Too ft. Jam
19. Heavy Crown ft. Sykamore